All State Game

The Origin of the All
State Game

in 2004

The All State Game is celebrating nearly 20 years of recognizing the accomplishments of youth through the annual games. Through recognizing these extraordinary young athletes, Executive Director Matt Williams hopes to reward and motivate these youth for a lifetime of achievement.

Featured below are Dewayne Evans & Barry Tarter of EXACT Sports (official partner of All State Game), Larry Nigro (winningest All State Game coach) and Matt Williams, Executive Director.

Matt Williams
(Executive Director & Founder)
Matt Williams
(Executive Director & Founder)
Matt Williams
(Executive Director & Founder)
Matt Williams
(Executive Director & Founder)

A Mission to Support At-Risk Children

Executive Director Matt Williams and wife, Patty have a passion and commitment for helping youth. The All State Game has a long history of supporting at-risk children and partners with state-based foster care programs across the United States. This relationship & significant importance to event organizer Matt Williams. Alongside wife, Patty, they have been foster parents to Sabrina and Steven and understand the importance of supporting foster kids.

Since 2004 the Idaho All State Game has raised $250,000 in backpacks, clothes, & gift cards for foster kids in need.

20 Years of Celebrating Youth Athletes

This event has showcased the best athletes across the state.

Time Honored Tradition

past participants of the All State Game

Leighton Vander Esch

Tommy Togiai

Taysom Hill

Josh Hill

Nate Potter

Tyler Crowe